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Sunrise Hike & Meditation

Start off your day wonderfully with a private sunrise hike and Qi Meditation. Begin at 55 Conduit Road (near Hatton Road). From there, enjoy a guided hike up to the peak (approx 25 mins each way). The hike is followed by a 25 minute guided meditation overlooking the harbour and facing the rising sun to take in the vibrant qi of Hong Kong, the peak’s magnetic field, and its awe-inspiring nature. Bring a bottle of water and towel, and experience the quiet force of Hong Kong.


Maggie H | Maggie is a Qigong (Ki) Master, Eastern Philosopher and Life Cartographer. Her practice evolved from multiple approaches including the exploration of Buddhism in various sectors, as well as, Eastern philosophy and practices. Today she teaches private and group meditation practices and offers talks on similar topics.
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