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DISCOVER QI within and without. Using simple techniques, passed down over thousands of years, you’ll learn to harness and cultivate your qi to increase vitality.

Find out how Qi affects you and how you can open yourself to help it flow. Learn how “the breath of life” is cultivated at different levels, from harnessing positive Qi in the environment, to addressing the Qi within the body.

This experience will allow you to feel your Qi by gaining an understanding of its underlying concept in Chinese philosophy. You’ll develop awareness of it through simple Qigong. This deep form of self-awareness is still practiced in martial arts and by Buddhist monks. The self awareness and breathing techniques were developed to alter and control the movement of qi within the body, with the aim to achieve physical longevity and strength of the mind and soul.

During your meeting with Master Maggie, she will take you step-by-step, discovering and deepening your knowledge of Qi, encouraging you to experiment and become aware of flowing energy within your body. She will also introduce breathing exercises that can help you to cultivate Qi while encouraging questions and discussion.


Maggie H | Maggie is a Qigong (Ki) Master, Eastern Philosopher and Life Cartographer. Her practice evolved from multiple approaches including the exploration of Buddhism in various sectors, as well as, Eastern philosophy and practices. Today she teaches private and group meditation practices and offers talks on similar topics.
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