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Bring Classical Feng Shui to your hike.  We often focus on the impact of human beings on the environment but we forget that the environment has an impact on us too. Come on a hike to experience and learn how the ancient science of Feng Shui originally stems from observing and bringing to light the importance of sustainable living and environmental preservation.

*Minimum 4 people required for Group Experience. Pre booking available. Comfirmation will be sent once group is formed. 

Visit one of the last remaining “Feng Shui villages” in the world, a 400 yrs old partly abandoned Hakka village entirely designed in accordance with macro Classical Feng Shui principles, and learn how this ancient science highlights the impact of nature on us.

On the way to the village, you will learn how to identify different types of mountain and landform formations (which have a yin component) and water sources (yang component) have an impact on how people live in a particular area through the Qi they create together. Understand the impact that man-made features can cultivate positive Qi or have a negative impact.

Experience how Classical Feng Shui is used to support sustainable living environments and see significant features that practitioners will look for in a macro Feng Shui situation that can only be taught in an outside setting.

The village we will visit is planned and designed according to Feng Shui directionality. Only about 10 people still live there. Most of the buildings lie in ruins, but are very interesting to explore and efforts are underway to restore them. The village itself is surrounded by a Feng Shui Forest that use to protect and nourish the villagers. The overall hike is 17km long and not strenuous – about 80% of the trail is flat, however, it is long, and we will have to cross a few small streams. Most of the trail leads through wild forests and is shaded. The bus will drop us off at the starting point, and we will hike for about 3 hours to reach the village. The hike back takes about 2.5hrs (total walk is 5 to 6 hours long).

This is an incredible way to merge Hong Kong’s hikes in nature with a cultural experience.

Other important information regarding the hike:

Difficulty level: Medium, due to long duration. The hike is long (17km), but the first 3 hrs to the village are almost completely flat. After the village there will be a tough bit where we have to climb a steep hill, then down again. This difficult bit takes about an hour. After that to the end of the hike it’s all flat.

Food: please bring along food and plenty of water. There are no shops on the way.

Clothes: please ensure solid hiking shoes or good sport shoes. We will walk through bamboo forests, along small streams, it can be muddy since the “road” is generally just a footpath.

Meeting point: Tai Po Market MTR station, exit A3.

Time: 9:00 AM return at approx 5:00 PM. This is a full day activity.

From there we will take a taxi to the starting point. Taxi is about HKD 80-100/taxi.  Return to Tai Po Market MTR Station by taxi or bus at approx. 2:30-3:00pm.



Susanne | Susanne is a Feng Shui master consulting for residences and businesses in Hong Kong and abroad. She studied Feng Shui with Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur before graduating from the Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics in Classical Feng Shui.  

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