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Chinese astrology is deeply rooted in Hong Kong’s culture at all levels of society. Understand your story and the main elements behind your Chinese astrology.

Foundational in Hong Kong, Chinese astrology has a profound influence on choices made every day by people at all levels of society. Whether it is the beginning of a new cycle, a new year, a wedding, a relocation, or another important decision, Chinese metaphysics provide a framework for auspicious choices.

Based on observations of nature, the Chinese calendar uses several coding systems. To plot your charts, your life is divided into numerous life cycles, chambers, elements, pillars and moments of yin and yang.

In this experience, Master Albert provides a personal reading based on all of these facets, helping you to discover who you are through your charts as he explains the concepts behind it. See the blueprint of your life through Chinese metaphysics.


Albert | A scholar and teacher of Chinese metaphysics, his passion for Chinese wisdom and culture is matched only by his passion for sharing his life's work. He has written multiple books on Chinese metaphysics and was a visiting lecturer at the HK Polytechnic University and the Chinese University. He is a frequent guest on local and international television channels where he makes predictions.

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