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Summertime travels have us wandering to various places. This week it’s New York CIty. Wandering through Lower Manhattan takes us wandering down Mott St. –  Chinatown’s unofficial ‘Main Street’. One can only think of home in Hong Kong and the iconic Mott 32 Restaurant in the Standard Charter Building right in the center of Hong Kong.

Of course the intricate dishes that make up the menu are mouth-watering not to mention their selection of cocktails and mocktails. The experience of Mott 32 tells a story of Hong Kong’s past. You wouldn’t guess it is in a former storage facility from the striking entrance that takes you down a long set of stairs.The restaurant is has tall New York style loft ceilings. It even has 5 private dining areas which matches the ‘Five Points’ of New york during these early migration times.

From the silk embroidered walls to a room with traditional chinese paintbrushes, the details won’t disappoint. Enter the bar area where it is set up with Chinese Apothocary elements. The lights are dim but the attention to detail is captivating.

Normally we notice Eastern influences in the West but this time we see it in reverse. Both New York City Chinatown and Mott 32 Restaurant in Hong Kong are two places in your life to experience. Save room for dessert