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A single experience is the beginning of a journey. It is your journey and it unfolds as you explore your surroundings with new perspectives. Everyone’s journey is different but connected because we learn to embrace cultural traditions that guide us along the way. Your individuality is encourages and is a part of a larger picture.

A Master (Sifu) will guide you through your journey. A distinct teacher/student relationship unfolds as the Master transfers their knowledge, personal journey and skills behind their craft to you. These experiences complement each other and express different facets of the theory, values and beliefs underlying traditional Chinese Thought.

Where to begin? There isn’t a fixed path you just need to start.

Qi is simply air but balancing Qi is Qigong. It is an energy art composed of gentle movements that are repeated to build awareness of how the body moves through space. Embrace the breath of life

On a spiritual level, your body, mind and spirit will transform allowing you to understand the energy of your thoughts and emotions. In an ordinary world, these thoughts and emotions can build and spiral out of control but Qigong offers mental clarity. Whilst these stresses may always arise harnessing positive qi through self-awareness is key to addressing the chi in the body.

The unfoldings are limitless.

Qi can be harnessed to benefit the environment internally and externally. Feng Shui gets your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go. Location, time and direction are all taken into account to directly benefit relationships, success and health.

A Feng Shui Master will guide you in harmonizing your energy to allow it to flow freely and garner the benefits the universe has in store for you.

Take a page from the oldest of the Chinese Classics. I-Ching provides an understanding of Chinese philosophy and the 64 possible alternatives to approach everyday situations. Look inside yourself and discover possible future options leading to a richer self-awareness through the formation of hexagons.
The hexagons are based on the study and observation of nature and the universal law of constant change from night to day, Summer to Winter, life to death and Yin to Yang. With an understanding of these hexagons, an overview of current situations and possibilities for the future open up.

Just by addressing your qi in your own body, your mind will open to greater possibilities that guide you on a journey. We can’t wait to see what you choose next.