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Traditionally when we hear sabbatical we envision one embarking on an extended absence to achieve something. Is it travel? Is it research? Is career-minded? Is it personal? Or simply a break.

In this day and age, time is precious and something we take for granted. We don’t allow ourselves to pause.

Eliminate the chaos by keeping your sabbatical small and stay where you are. Allow yourself to bypass the airport but out of your daily routine and into the unknown of your own city. Immerse yourself in a different sphere, give yourself access to inspirational and thought-provoking knowledge.

Right here in Hong Kong, we have Chinese wisdom at our fingertips (present and relevant). The first step is to open your mind and step out of your comfort zone. Gain an understanding of Chinese philosophy and its application to your life. The options it presents can help you discover new ways to connect with yourself and ultimately the world around you.

Everything can change. The universe can be reduced to simple principles or things can simply remain the same.

Whatever the outcome, when you step back into your normal routine it will be with ease and a new-found consciousness on how to deal with uncertainty. This experience will be with you eternally.