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Year of the Earth Dog: On February 4, 2018, we will transition into the Year of the Earth Dog. Since the Dog is also associated with the Earth element in Chinese Metaphysics, it will be a double-Earth year. This generally means that we are looking at a year that may be more harmonious than 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster. However, the Earth element also indicates stubbornness and hardness (imagine rocks and scorched earth). So we are looking at a year where people will choose to stick firmly to their principles and take a rather hard stance towards those who disagree with them – this often creates an atmosphere of severe confrontation, in which peace and harmony are difficult to achieve.

The Dog traditionally also stands for spiritual and religious matters. Many conflicts, therefore, may stem from disagreements over religion or cultural misunderstandings. In terms of natural disasters, we are looking at an increased risk of earthquakes, landslides, building collapse and other “earth-related” calamities.

From a Feng Shui perspective, Masters will take the above trends into consideration and correlate them with the energy map of the building itself in order to come up with a blueprint of how to prevent certain unfortunate events from happening or, at the very least, minimize their ill-effects. How this is being done depends very much on the building itself, the occupants, their individual birth charts, and their overall life goals and aspirations for this coming Year of the Dog.”