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The Year of the Dog and What Master Albert has to say:

“February 4 is the beginning of spring. It is a very important day as it marks the beginning of every year in the Chinese calendar. So is the time to say goodbye to the year of the chicken and welcome the year of the dog. The year 2018 is the (yang) earth Dog. The yang earth has got the energy of being robust, conservative solid enable to nurture living things, and therefore the energy is extremely auspicious. Coupled with the loyal character of the dog, the energy for the current year would be a lot more stable than the year of 2017.

From the Chinese astrology point of view, the heavenly stem is the yang earth bringing in the new four catalyst combination:

  • The wealth catalyst is attached to the star Opportunity: Overall speaking we will see the creation of many new things: new inventions, new ideas to be applied in many new dimensions of life.
  • The power catalyst is attached to the Moon: We will see the feminine factor prospering in the coming new year of the dog. For instance, more and more women will take up important positions in career, both in the political and professional space. The Moon also stands for wealth, it could also mean that the money market and the property market will continue to bloom.
  • The fame catalyst is attached to the Sun: Social media and charity activity will attract more and more attention worldwide
  • The obstacle catalyst attached to the star Intelligence: The star intelligence has got the obstacle catalyst attached to it which means people could easily make wrong decisions because of wrong or poor judgement. However, overall, the world political scenario should be more peaceful than the year 2017.

This is an account of the overall situation for the year 2018 or a general weather forecast of what’s going to happen in the New Year. For every individual, we also have our own weather chart, so it is important to understand or to map out the weather chart that lies ahead in front of us for the year 2018, once we got this picture we will be able to plan ahead and also work out the appropriate strategy in order to reach our goal successfully and efficiently. People always ask, how to predict the situation ahead of us in the various sectors like career relationship wealth management travel etc. The answer is Chinese astrology, you will get all this information by reading your own astrology chart”.